Thursday, 25 February 2010

Poetopoly II Part 2!

After you've three missed turns, you land on a square and pick another card. Guess what? The job for which you were interviewed has been interestingly filled by...someone who already worked in the building where the office was based. Why DID they bother with a selection procedure? Or was that just one of those ghastly big hoops that poor old big organizations have to jump through?

Reminding one of the episode a while back when a truly sensational gallery with a truly gifted curator - wholly independent and existing only on selling magnificent works of art...who never got any funding, was finally closed down by a local council who wanted to sell the venue the gallery was in to some developers...who then in the recession left it to rot anyway...
The curator then went for a job in a nearby gallery as the manager's post had come up. It was a no brainer - this curator was staggeringly gifted. But of course the job went to the assistant manager of another nearby gallery that's regularly funded...Of course.

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